The Data Escape Room

Data is an asset that everyone should use. Our innovative learning solutions give your staff the confidence and understanding they need to work with data.

Learn to make the most of your data

We provide virtual escape room experiences that are specifically designed to improve data literacy. The immersive environment is a fun and effective way for players to learn the knowledge, techniques and mindset they need to work effectively with data.


Raising the bar of data literacy

Data Literacy has been highlighted as the most in-demand skill in the workplace by 2030. This doesn't require an army of analysts and data scientists though. Data literacy helps all of your workforce to feel comfortable interpreting and challenging data, allowing them to improve understanding, make better decisions and exploit new opportunities.

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Experiential learning

We don't think that learning to use data should feel like sitting a maths exam. The Data Escape Room puts people at the heart with a focus on "learn by doing". Each immersive scenario allows teams to explore different types of data, working together to solve problems, make decisions and achieve their ultimate goal of escape.

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Learning innovation

The Data Escape Room is an interactive and highly engaging digital learning experience, developed using our unique blend of learning design, gamification and data expertise. The multi-player game environment creates a lasting impression with players from all backgrounds, which is enhanced by a consolidation and reflection session that connects the learning with your specific business needs.

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Explore the detail of our learning approach

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Gamification with a learn by doing approach

A collection of scenarios are available which cover a broad range of data activities and challenges that bring data to life in ways which relate to your organisation

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Challenging but accessible for non-technical staff

Learning is supported by a facilitator who guides teams through their tasks and ensures all topics are understood

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½ day focused digital team exercise

Promoting team work and exploring the dynamics of group decision-making, participants learn how people respond to and interpret data

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Multi-player interactive game platform

Approx. 6 players logging on from anywhere in the world

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Part 1 - facilitated gameplay, Part 2 - post game debrief
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Expert facilitation and comprehensive debrief to reinforce learning

Lessons learnt during the exercise are highlighted by an experienced data consultant, who will relate back the examples to common work situations. Through this debrief, opportunities for further learning and consolidation can be identified


Sample of topics covered

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    Question framing

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    Bias & Ethics

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    Data Quality

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    Patterns and trends

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    Performance Measures

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    Data Sampling

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    Machine Learning interpretation

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    Visualisation & Charts


Further Support

At Glacis, we are committed to helping people make the most of the digital opportunities that surround us in both our work and home lives. Through our long history of consulting and collaboration with our clients we have cultivated and delievered large scale organisation and cultural changes. We are now bringing together this experience with our specialism in learning and communications and can offer a full data literacy improvement programme.

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